Cats Together Strong 🐾

A global meme reserve currency is finally here!

TO ALL HODLERS: New PUSS contract has just launched. Now, you can find your tokens under this address: 0xfFbc2B3AAA8Cddd4974aFF2E0D16706d2cFF8445

Meet Puss Presidente

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Meet Puss Presidente

Make TOP 100
Crypto Great Again!

I am the new leader of the PUSS movement aiming for the Top 100 cryptocurrencies. People call me the commander-in-chief of all cats and the ruler of meme-tokens. In the near future I will reveal who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Build Back
CMC Better!

Only together we can dethrone DOGE and SHIBA. With all my power I vow to unite people and cats around the world, leading us to victory and far beyond. And I will be honoured to serve each and every one of you who have given me a vote of confidence.

Great Cryptocurrency Reset.

Starting today, I invite all the heads of major nations and species to discuss the world’s most pressing economic issues, to be solved with $PUSS. I also hereby declare that I will run for President in the USA in 2024.



In order to truly engage the comeownity and help cats in need, we pledge to create PussDAO. The change of status to Decentralized Autonomous Organization will bring many new use cases for the PUSS Token and is the best way for our community to actively participate and shape the project.

PussDAO will be the first true cat-related DAO ever to exist.

Holding PUSS is also a  key to access our exclusive discord server filled with AI-related opportunities.

Comeownity Inspired

$PUSS is created by the community, run by the community, and driven by the community. We put our people first, at the forefront! Simple as that!

What started once as a discussion on reddit, turned out to be what PUSS Token is today. A grassroot initiative that gained interest and began to grow into a manifestation of our dreams and hopes.

Comeownity Inspired


Unfortunately not all cats are created equal, let’s change that.

At PUSS Token, we truly believe in giving back. Cats are at the heart of everything that will be funded from our charity fund- soon to be governed by the community through PussDAO. We hope that our actions can make a significant impact, helping to improve the lives of our little friends.

Long-term vision

Puss Token, and soon PussDAO sees the big picture. We believe in strong organic growth and long-term trajectory achieved through hard work and genuine community engagement.

Crypto is a marathon. It will take a lot of effort to catch up with SHIBA and DOGE, let alone overtake tchem. $PUSS counts on you to be on the right side of history.

UP Only

UP Only

Web3 projects, are the next big thing, period. The possibilities that web3 brings to communities are endless. Believe us, you can’t be ready enough for what’s coming!

Charity Wallet

0.01% of the redistribution from all $PUSS transactions goes to a designated charity wallet. Later, DAO will unlock new opportunities on how to make the world a better place for cats.

Ape In Safely

PUSS is rug proof. Our devs systematically locks liquidity and have renounced the smart contract. Solidproof audit has been passed with flying colours. YOLO IN, safe and sound.


PUSS has recently launched an educational channel dedicated to AI opportunities, where PUSS holders can explore various AI-related tools designed to enhance productivity and save time. And yeah, new NFT gallery is coming soon!

Coin Supply

The maximum token supply is capped at 100 000 000 000 000 $PUSS, no more, no less. That’s about 12 600 $PUSS for each human and 143 000 tokens for each cat on earth.

Transaction Fee

Sending transactions on BSC is almost 100% cheaper than on the ETH network. This gives you broad access to PUSS, even for those who don’t want to go all in.


Roadmap Roadmap Roadmap
Phase 1
  • Birth of Puss Token
  • Assemble a rockstar team
  • Website launch
  • Manifesto published
  • Litepaper release
  • Social media presence
  • $75k fundraising for LP
  • PancakeSwap LP launch
  • 500 holders
  • Telegram 2000 members
Phase 2
  • Token utility
  • Third-party audit
  • PussDAO launch
  • 1st airdrop
  • CoinGecko listing
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • 5000 holders
  • Telegram 10000 members
  • First donations to charities
Phase 3
  • Bridging to other blockchains
  • CEX listing
  • 2nd Airdrop
  • $5M round for famous NFT buyout
  • 3000 DAO members
  • 25000 holders
  • $100k donated to charities
  • Twitter 50k followers
Phase 4
  • Website redesign
  • Next CEXes listings
  • $20M round for scarce physical items
  • “Trip to space” lottery for holders
  • $1-5M total donations to cat organizations
Phase 5
  • 1 million holders
  • 20M+ followers celebrity endorsement
  • “Trip to space” lottery for holders
  • $1-5M total donations to cat organizations
Phase 6
  • Cross-galactic payment rail
  • Intergalactic blockchain settlement layer
  • Universe-wide $PUSS adoption
  • PussDAO and collective consciousness merge

Meet the TEAM



CFO / Tokenomics
Ragdoll 3.0

Ragdoll 3.0

Chief Meme Officer
Persian PHD

Persian PHD

DAO Advisor
DevonRex WGMI

DevonRex WGMI

Spiritual Guidance
Scottish Fold is hiring

Scottish Fold is hiring



Lead Dev
Bengal (🐈,🐈)

Bengal (🐈,🐈)

Community Manager
coin coin coin

JOIN The $PUSS Party Now!

Help us #BUIDL.

If you’d like to donate to the Devs,
send BNB or BUSD (on BEP-20) here.

Thank you for YOUR support!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main $PUSS use cases?
$PUSS enables the community to access exclusive AI Alpa Club Discord Server, where users can learn how to earn, save time and increase productivity with AI technologies.
What is PUSS contract address?
PUSS contract address (BSC, BEP-20): 0xffbc2b3aaa8cddd4974aff2e0d16706d2cff8445